Low back pain: seemingly the most common ailment that a Chiropractor treats. By some estimates, it is among the leading causes of disability in the United States. Back pain can be new or long standing. It can be minor or severe. The best practice is get it diagnosed and start a care plan early to prevent the pain from getting severe if at all possible. Injury and trauma certainly happen but most low back pain seems to come from long periods of time with incorrect posture, improper lifting habits, and/or poor muscular training. All of these can be simply associated with lack of education.

At Beyond Bones we take a multifaceted approach to treating this condition. First, we take a thorough examination of the problem using different possible orthopedic tests and potentially x-rays. Then we advise on the best treatments which could include spinal adjustments, traction therapy, therapeutic exercises, low-level laser therapy, massage and more. We hope to get you out of pain & back to optimal function and to teach you how to stay far away from back pain moving forward.

Please come and see us if you are suffering with chronic back pain, just trying to prevent mild back pain or somewhere in the middle.

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What is the best way to help back pain?

Answer: It depends. This is the reason why doctors always perform exams before they begin treatment. Sometimes the underlying causes are mild in nature and other can be severe. In many cases back pain, even chronic back pain, can be immensely improved when adjustments are paired with catered muscle training and stretching recommendations.

How do I get started?

Answer: Very easy! Just send us a text or give us a call to set your first appointment. Our number is (801) 800-1404.

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