Misalignments and joint pain certainly are not contained only in the back and neck. Many suffer from dysfunction and pain in the shoulder elbow and wrist. Other symptoms can include, numbness, tingling, weakness, throbbing, loss of range of motion and more. Due to the nature of the roots of nerves and the blood vessel pathways, many ailments in the upper extremities can be helped by solving problems in the neck and spine.

Beyond this however we have treatments that directly affect these regions of the shoulder, elbow and wrist. Treatments range from extremity adjustments, massage, low-level laser therapy and more.

Just this last July of 2019 our laser received another FDA clearance for the treatment of musculoskeletal issues anywhere in the body! That means we can directly treat these areas and have a more comprehensive approach to healing and make it happen faster.

We also have a specialized camera capable of assessing function of the joints and even recommending which ones to strengthen and which ones to make more mobile. It can also measure the range of motion of joints down to the hundredth of a degree which allows us to make precise observations and track progress, healing and overall improvement throughout the treatment process.

Does the laser hurt?

Answer: No. There is no pain at all. The low-level laser is a cold laser which mean it does not produce heat and therefore cannot burn you.

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