Headaches and neck pain are two of the most common health problems in America and especially here in the Silicon Slopes. We have an incredible percentage of the workforce that spends an exceptional amount of time on computers & digital media. Working with the head and/or neck held in certain positions for extended periods of time can cause excessive stress on the muscles and nerves which can produce headaches and neck pain. As the image below shows, even holding the head a few inches forward can greatly increase the stress on the joints of the neck. If improper alignment is maintained for months or years, this can lead to nerve irritation and even negative effects on the discs or bones.

Stress to these areas over a long or short period of time can lead to small misalignments and irritations that can cause nerve dysfunction and/or pain. These are called subluxations. Dr. Broadhead is specially trained to isolate and diagnose subluxations and correct them. Correcting the alignment of the bones of the neck, adjusting posture, and restoring blood flow and nervous function to neck and head can greatly improve symptoms like headache and neck pain. If you are having any symptoms related to neck pain or headache, whether short term or chronic, please come visit us so we help give relief to these problems.

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