Balance is affected by a range of conditions. Accurate assessment and positive outcomes depend on objective, easy-to-use tools whether the assessment focuses on  athletic injuries or traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

The 3D Balance Testing module by Kinetisense uses a single front-facing sensor to establish objective benchmark balance scores to enable accurate tracking throughout the rehabilitation process. Unlike force plate technology that only gives information on changes of foot pressure, the Kinetisense Balance module scores each segment of the body for transverse plane sway and frontal plane tilt. With this tool, you will be able to identify which segment of the body requires proprioceptive rehabilitation and training.

This system is inherently non-intrusive, does not require the patient to use any wearable devices, and allows patients to move naturally while they are assessed. No matter the type of injury or condition, our solution is easy-to-use and universally accurate. From a balance test for vertigo to concussion baselining, our system is appropriate for any situation.

Concussion Baseline – From full teams or leagues of athletes to individuals at risk, Kinetisense allows for concussion baseline testing that enables high-precision balance testing to determine brain injury progression and rehabilitation over time. The baseline balance data provides practitioners, trainers, athletes, parents, and coaches with valuable information on the severity of the concussion and when the athlete is ready to return to play. Kinetisense practitioners and trainers use the balance system to baseline and assess athletic teams and organizations in their communities.

How soon after a concussion should you start treatment?

  • Less than 6 hours after injury occurred.
    • Over 3.8 million concussions reported a year
    • Over 500,000 kids present to the ER with concussion from a sport every year.
    • After 1st concussion you are 1.5x more likely to get a 2nd. After the 2nd concussion you are 3x more likely to get a third.

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