Dr. Broadhead’s passion on Health and Wellness goes beyond just making someone’s pain disappear. It’s about educating and teaching how to improve quality of life so it can ultimately 10X your life.

Dr. Broadhead grew up for the majority of his life in Draper Utah. He played football and ran track for Alta High School earning All-state Recognition in both. Growing up in an athletic family of 6 Dr. Broadhead loved to spend time at the gym and continues that passion today. His love for true health and fitness and the exponential life benefits it contributes to, has be a driving factor in his path today. His passionate course has not only led him to a Doctorate degree but also 2 associate degrees and 3 individual bachelor’s degrees. Nick is an avid proponent of healthy gym habits and following evidence based nutrition guidelines.


Did you always want to be a Chiropractor?

Answer: No, not exactly. Although Chiropractic has been toward the top of the list since I was about 17, I still considered many different occupations. It wasn’t until after a very deliberate, thoughtful and prayerful pursuit of 2 years (from age 21-23) that I made my decision.

Question: Favorite part about Chiropractic?

Answer: Giving people what I truly appreciate: Optimal function and relief from back pain.